About Energy and Mines

Energy and Mines is the leading global information and event media provider for energy management and operations of the mining sector. Through its global event series (Canada, South Africa, Chile, UK, Australia), web portal, and newsletter, Energy and Mines brings together the mining and energy sectors to drive solutions for affordable, reliable and sustainable power for mines.

Over the last five years, Energy and Mines has built a reputation amongst the mining and energy sectors as the first point of contact for connection and information on storage and alternative energy in mining. Energy and Mines has strong links with senior mining leaders, independent power producers and key players driving the technology, research and development in this space.

Energy and Mines is a privately owned Canadian company. Our offices are in Ottawa, Canada.

For collaboration ideas contact:

Andrew Slavin, Director, Energy and Mines

andrew.slavin@energyandmines.com, +1 613 627 2787


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