BHP Interview: Climate Change and Energy for Mines

Rising energy prices and looming carbon targets are incentivizing companies of all sizes to adjust how they acquire and use power. For large mining companies with well-entrenched, global reach, that may mean rethinking nearly every aspect of their operations.

Mining, metals, and petroleum company BHP is one of these giants. According to BHP, long-term sustainable development in the global resource sector will require two parallel developments: the continued growth of emerging economies, and a significant reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions.

“For us, it’s about taking actions to reduce emissions internally and by adapting to the physical impacts of climate change…and working with others…to enhance that global response, which we know can’t be achieved or delivered by a single company,” Climate Change Practice Lead Graham Winkelman says.

In this interview, Winkelman provides critical insight into the merging of global climate targets and strategic energy choices for major mining operators.

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