Funding Renewables and Low-Carbon Mining

 To position Canada as a leader in the emerging low-carbon economy, the Canadian Government recognizes the need to support the decarbonization of mining and has earmarked $2.3 billion to support the development, commercialization and use of clean technologies.

This funding will provide options to mining companies, renewables and low-carbon technology providers, as well as remote communities to transition away from fossil-fuel based power and integrate carbon reduction initiatives.

In a Q&A interview, Frank Des Rosiers, Assistant Deputy Minister, Innovation and Energy Technology at Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) provides details on these funding opportunities.

“NRCan will be launching the Clean Growth in the Natural Resource Sectors Program this fall,” reports Des Rosiers. “Funding of $155 million will be delivered to support clean technology RD&D including commercial installations in Canada’s natural resource sectors. This applies specifically to the energy, mining and forestry sectors, and funding will be allocated equally between the three natural resource sectors.”

NRCan will present more details on these funding opportunities at the Energy and Mines World Congress on November 27-28 at the Hilton Toronto.


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